Bigkas Alphabet (Алпабэтоң Бигкас Alpabetong Bigkas) is an alphabet invented by Akihiro Akagi inspired by Hangul for Tagalog Language and this is the official writing system for Tagalog language of Otakupotamia.

Akihiro Akagi invented this alphabet as he loves the Korean culture and he is studying his research about North Korea. Akihiro Akagi claimed Hangul to be the most logical writing system, because of its unique way to construct a syllable block.

This alphabet was added here because this is currently use as the official writing system in many franchises.

Noble Features

  • Type of Alphabet: Syllabaries
  • Languages: Tagalog
  • Writing Direction: Left to Right (Top to Bottom)
  • Bigkas (빅캇) means "Pronounce" in Tagalog 

Alphabet Chart

Bigkas Alphabet

Official Chart

The official alphabet contains 19 consonants and 16 vowels. * have no pronounciations.


  1. ㅇ doesn't have pronounciation and only use in carrying vowel but not virama.
  2. Virama means halt the vowel, it's not literally vowels, but it has been add because of the vowel form.
  3. ㅃ and ㅉ follows the same rules a 4 and cannot be connected to any vowels expect for ㅡ.
  4. ㅡ can be middle to create syllables like 믄 (mn)
  5. ㅃ, ㅉ and ㄸ cannot be final, add ㅡ after it to make them final.

Sample Text

Bigkas Writings

앆 라핱 낚 타오쯔 이시니띾 나 마라야 앝 판타쯔-판타쯔 사 카따까란 앝 마까 카따파탄. 시라쯔 피낙카로오반 낚 낚 붇히 앝 다팥 막파라가얀 앆 이샅이사 사 디와 낚 팍카카파티딴.


Ang lahat ng ng taoy isinilang na malaya at pantay-pantay sa karangalan at mga karapatan. Silay pinagkalooban ng katuwiran at budhi at dapat magpalagayan sa diwa ng pagkakapatiran.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

(Article 1 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Note: The ' is not added in transliteration because Bigkas doesn't use it.