Fruitipet (Фрутипет Frutipet) is an inspired franchise from Jewelpet. This franchise is created by Akihiro Akagi. Fruitipets are species of Pet Races.


Fruitipet lives in a island country Fruitipetia, a republic country under the rule of their Supreme Leader Wamelon. Fruitipets are incapable of magic, that's why they need a FruitiPad to cast spell, they uses this train their magic. Fruitipets has no sense of pain on punch, kick, falling and being crash leaving them have the ability of extract fruit from their body. All Fruitipets sweat fruit extract which makes them smell good. Anyone can squeeze a Fruitipet to extract juice faster than there sweat like an orange on a juicer. The extract has no limit thanks to the Fruit Tower.

List of Fruitipets Edit

Magical Red Edit

  1. Orange
  2. Strawberry
  3. Coco
  4. Cherry
  5. Mandarin
  6. Wamelon
  7. Apple

Magical Green Edit

  1. Ramon


  1. Fruitipet uses FruitiPad to case spell.
  2. Fruitipet uses Magic Cloud to fly, but some Fruitipet is capable of flying using their bodyparts, so they don't use it.
  3. Fruitipet uses Juicy candy when they are outside of the country. The Juicy Candy can give them 10 galloons of extract, however their weight remain unchanged.