General Katal is one of the generals in Candadia, the only known generals of Candadia and the only general who joins Prince Ryan's Candado Gang.

He has been surgence by Prince Ryan to turn him into cyborg. The reason why he can launch missiles out of himself.


General Katal is dress as Queen Elizabeth's attendants/guards, having a crazy tall black hair, a perfectly trimmed mustache, red uniform and long black pants and like the rest of Candadians, he don't wear shoes.


General Katal has variety of abilities and all are required by his growth technique.

Also when he use that technique, his height and weight is multipled by 5.

  • Growth Technique - He use this to get access to his abilities below.
  • Missile Altillery - He launches missiles, usually 1 to 5 missiles only.
  • Magnetic Grabber - A special type of magnet that grabs any object and even entities like characters.
  • Circular blade - An average attack using sharp object, this is the first ability he preform after intaking Fairilu magic.
  • Vendetta - He can summon a giant axe and smash or throw it to his opponent.
  • Flight - He use it to fly.
  • Smash - He smash his opponent without summoning a weapon.

Jewelpet Candado

His role is remain unchanged and even his abilities wasn't changed.