Himawari is the fairilu of Sunflower, hence to her name she is the first fairilu to become Fairilu Supremacist.

She is also Dante's girlfriend. Himawari is a good friend of Sumire , Rose and Lip.


Himawari appear to wear an orange flower hat with darker orange polka dots, she wear a an orange dress with polka dots of the same colour as her hat. Like Lip, Rose and Sumire, she wear green leggings and orange shoes.


She is very cheerful and attractive to mens, but she take Dante with a special attraction.

She also loves eating. She eat more doritos than Lip, while Lip eat Doritos 4 times for 24 hours. Himawari eat 7 Doritos.


All fairilus are capable of magic and flight with their wings. But she forgot her superpowers and not able to use in the first fight and end up being hostage by Prince Ryan.

According to Akihiro Akagi, Himawari's superpowers is food transformation. But this might be not the whole potential of the said powers.

Food Transformation (食糧変換 Shokuryō henkan) - She can turn any food by touch them with hand or by her own Fairilu key.

She can also turn anything into food without touching any object within 10 metres diameter by waving her key towards to them.