Maharlika Alphabet (Маһарлика) is an adopted script created by Akihiro Akagi mainly for Tagalog.

Noble FeaturesEdit

  • Type of Alphabet: Abjad
  • Used to write: Tagalog and Japanese
  • Direction of writing: Right to left

Alphabet ChartEdit

Screenshot 2017-07-27-10-37-29-1

Official Alphabet Chart


  1. VC means Vowel carrier for vowel marks will be use as a first letter. It's a gluttal stop for Tagalog or the accrostophy of the language itself.
  2. Q is only use to transliterate foreign words containing the letter q.
  3. Vowel Mark A is only use as a middle letter.
  4. Letter LA doesn't follow the rule above.
  5. Initial A is only use as a first letter.

Sample TextEdit