Orangé (Ораңгэ Orangge) is the main character of the manga Fruitipet Origins. She is the mentor of Stella Morales. She is also the main mascot of the franchise Fruitipet.

Orangé's name is pronounce 3 syllables, not 2. The origin of this name is way back from the first season of Jewelpet where Rinko read the English word "Orange" in Romaji way.


Orangé is a Orange-coloured Toy poodle who has yellow-orange fur and Orange fur coated ears with chopped orange pony on both ears and another chopped orange pearl necklace and her eyes are orange.


Orangé is very stubborn Fruitipet , she mainly causing trouble in the country, so Wamelon punish her to go the Human world after all Fruitipets scattered all over the Earth. She is a good friend of Coco and Strawberry.