Powawa is a powa robot brought from Candadia along with Pawariza, Prince Ryan, General Katal and Tiffyuter. He is programmed to give superpowers whoever activate him or to thr first person he saw as well the rest of all powas.

He is linked with Pawariza as stated to Himawari when Lip kicked Powawa that cause him to forget Himawari's superpower. By activating Powawa, Pawariza will activate itself in the same time.

Powawa is linked to Pawariza because Prince Ryan activated him while Pawariza is next to him. In other words, Powas can be link to one another within 1 metres diametre and cannot be redo again and it's limited to one, so no 3 powas or more linked to each other.


He appear to be look like a furry dog with big head and small body. He also has small wings which give him an ability to fly but due to size of his wing, he can only fly up to 3 feet from take off for 30 seconds.


The only ability he is have is to give superpowers, Fairilu keys are the best target when he give Lip superpowers.


Powa Robots are special type of portable robots that spread across the universe, only 2 of them are found in Candadia and claimed by Prince Ryan.