Prince Ryan is the prince of a distant planet, Candadia. He is a prince under the Candadian Monarchy.

He establish a group called "Candado Gang" which is only 3 members, Himself as a leader, Tiffyuter the Information provider and General Katal the armor of defense.

He never stated that General Katal is 10 years older than him.

He was ordered by his father, King Ramir to explore the space to find resources to the planet's electricity shortage. But they end up stopping at Sedna's orbit which made Tiffyuter read Earth.


Prince Ryan appear to be an average Candadian, having a padlock as his head and body and keys as arms and legs, he also have a upside-down letter u above his head.

He wears a marroon coloured prince cloth which a tiara on his head and he doesn't shoes since he is made of metal.

Jewelpet Candado

He's counterpart have same role, he is a villain, a prince of the same planet, explored space and land to Earth also travelled along with General Katal but not with Tiffyuter, instead Computer is in there to provide information.

His counterpart is the classical concept of himself.

He is looking for cocoa beans instead of Fairilus as the original concept.

He's number nemesis is Herman not Lip.

His spaceship is a bit different.

Candadia experience pollution instead of Electricity shortage.