Rilu Rilu Fairilu: Fairy Warriors (Рилү Рилү Фэырилү: Мандиригмаң Диуата) is an animated series created by Akihiro Akagi based on Sanrio and Sega Sammy's Rilu Rilu Fairilu.


The show's animation style is based on Jewelpet Candado, but the it doesn't have songs that plays  along with the episode due to the copyright complain. Instead, this show plays soundtracks with sound effects.

Soundtrack may vary depends on situation, place, transformation, characteristic status (good or evil) and even to characters themselves.

Sound effects only play during scene that required specific scenes like punching, kicking, crashing, falling, flying and even hit.


Rilu Rilu Fairilu Fairy Warriors - Official Trailer

Rilu Rilu Fairilu Fairy Warriors - Official Trailer

Official Trailer

Long before the series start. Fairilu Gaul ordered Lip to gather all Fairilus to conquer Earth and build the Supremacy. Fairilus successfully conquered Earth and had a party. The fairilus are so proud of their achievement, they made Lip to be their eternal president or Supreme Leader of the supremacy.

An a planet far far away. A planet named Candadia is having an electricity shortage and King Ramir commanded his son, Prince Ryan to go to space to find another planet to invade. Prince Ryan left Candadia for the mission and he found himself at near Sedna and Tiffyuter told him that Earth has the largest electricity source and go to Earth.



Main Characters

  1. Lip

    The main character, Lip

  2. Himawari
  3. Sumire
  4. Rose
  5. Rin (Coming soon, currently off-screen)
  6. Powawa
  7. Powariza


  1. Prince Ryan
  2. General Katal
  3. Tiffyuter
  4. King Ramir
  5. Yasmin the Ultimate Evil
  6. Tuffyuter
  7. Kim Jong Un


  1. Fairilu Gaul
  2. Fairilu Marge
  3. Pink Sheep
  4. Jewelina
  5. Shin
  6. Beerus
  7. Whis
  8. Daishinkan
  9. Zen'oh
  10. Konata Izumi
  11. Emre


  1. Herman
  2. Rossa
  3. Anby
  4. Lifun
  5. Rossa
  6. Lolip


The first season takes on challenges as Prince Ryan is the main villain of the saga.

Season 1 - Prince Ryan Saga

  1. Welcome to the Supremacy!
  2. Inside the ship
  3. Lip's Superpowers
  4. Lip VS Prince Ryan
  5. Fairilu Bunshin no Jutsu
  6. Herman in the Supremacy (Jewelpet Candado)
  7. Fairilu-Jewelpet Love (Herman ♡ Shijimi)
  8. Siege of Fukusu Monsters
  9. Missing Fairilus
  10. Himawari's superpowers

Original Video Animation

  1. The rise of Fairilu Supremacy

Non-canonical parts

These parts are accidentally created Akihiro Akagi, but no acceptancy as a canon roster.

Prince Ryan Saga

  1. Philippine Map from Space - Fairilu Supremacy is located in USA, This might be a mistake.
  2. Herman in Episode 5 - That never happens in the canon timeline.

They are now trying to improve the show to avoid making non-canonical parts.


Akihiro Akagi schedule a gaps for the show to discontinue within September 29, 2017 to November 30, 2017.