Rin is a lost Fairilu and the only Fairilu found outside of the supremacy. She lives inside the St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, Russia.

She runaway from Fairilu Supremacy before the series start, she is mad at Fairilu Gole not choosing her to become the Supreme Leader.

She never appear in the series but it's official planned soon, she was firstly seen at the show's only OVA.


She appear to have a long light blue hair, she where a blue-light blue fancy dress and her wings are light blue as well.


She seems to naïve and dislike Lip and the supremacist. It was changed when Fairilu Gole grant her a wish, she cannot become a Supreme Leader but at least a supremacist.


Between Prince Ryan Saga and King Ramir Saga, she return to the supremacy, but she encountered Prince Ryan and his gang and kidnap her along with Powawa, so Powawa was forced to give her superpowers.

Shadow Manipulation (影の操作 Kage no Sôsa) - She can create entities out of shadow generated from teen air, but she cannot use this power on a dark place with no light source. The powerful entities are listed here including non-entities generated shadows.

  • Shadow Tiger (虎の影 Tora no kage) - A type of hostile entity.
  • Shadow Eagle (鷲の影 Washi no kage) - A type of entity.
  • Shadow Mouse (マウスの影 Mousu no kage) - The only entity isn't hostile but possive.
  • Shadow Dragon (竜の影 Ryû no kage) - The strongest entity she made.
  • Shadow Hands (影の手 Kage no te) - It can spread in ground or on over the ground within 50 metres diametres.
  • Shadow Shield (盾の影 Tate no kage) - A sphere shield form while the user is inside of it.
  • Shadow Movement (影の動き Kage no Ugoki) - A movement same as Lip but with shadow element instead.