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Don't follow the rules then these 2 will torture you at the Rehavilitation Centre.

Welcome to the Rules, this is where you should visit weather you are a new or an old visitor of this wiki.

What are the rules? As you ask. Glodelanian Defectors enforced everything in this wiki if it's against the rules.

If a ruler breaker broke the rules, that will be his/her downfall because everyone will get direct block from this wiki.

Unauthorised Edits

  • Don't create unwanted pages - If the founder or admin know the page you created are against the rules, they'll delete it.
  • Don't edit someone else's userpage.

Illegal Comments

  • Comment such as pissing, biasing, spamming and ranting are taboo in this wiki, comments like these will be deleted and lead to blocking.
  • Lie Comment - Don't state false information to comment and ask the admin to add them.
  • No ad comments.

Why are all pages are locked?

  • The reason why all pages are locked is the admin and the founder are preventing unauthorised editting through them.
  • Since all pages are a locked, always assume that it's 100% true.
  • We don't lock userpages except the admin's userpage as well as founder and blocked user's userpage. So if someone edit your userpage, please report to admin's userpage.