Base form: Lightning Lip

She evolve from Lightning Lip after being tortured scaring her with masks. With this she gain access to the abilities that base form can't.

She doesn't use Fairilu Key so she can't cast magic.

But she can summon weapon made of lightning, basically sword.


She appear the same as Lightning Lip but instead of Yellow scheme, she wears red-black scheme.


  • Decent Transformation - She can transform back to the base form, but she can't do this intensionally, so in order to go back to the base form, she need to get damages or lose stamina.
  • Transformation - If she is not a clone, she can switch transformation within 3 base form and possibly 3 evolve form.
  • Thunder Blade - A 1 metre length badass red sword made out of lightning molecules.
  • Lightning Movement - A technique of travelling at the speed of around 299,800 km/h, pretty much an average speed of a real lightning.
  • Lightning Slashes - A type of attack that repeats and added by Lightning Movement.
  • Shinning Lightning - She can glow so bright that will blind her opponent for couple of second or anyone near by 500 metres if they didn't close their eyes. This technique must be precaution for anybody nearby.
  • Thunder Shield - She can cast a forcefield 5 metres around her.
  • Raining Lightning - She can throw a Thunder Blade in the sky and it will rain lots of lots of Thunder blade from the sky. This is possibly the slowest technique ever.
  • Thunder Struck - This where she use her whole stamina for a single and collision attack lead by 2 thunder blades in her both hands and Lightning Movement.
  • Paladin Mode - A special type of technique similar to Goku's Kaioken and like Kaioken, it can drain stamina rapidly, so this disadvantage must be precaution.

All 3 possible evolve form has their own special technique and weapon, the special technique of this evolve form is Paladin Mode and the special weapon is Thunder Blade.