Zenjo'oh / Zenjoô is a Minecraft Youtuber and the highest ruler over the 3 universes on Multiverse 6.

She is a parody of Zen'oh from Dragon Ball Super and basically drawn based on Konata Izumi from Lucky Stars.

The word "Sama" isn't her surname but a Japanese suffix as respected.

She was given a Japanese name, 全女王 Zenjo'ô.


They are basically Minecraft's 3 dimension.

Universe 1 - Everyone's Universe

God of Destruction: ExplodingTNT

Angel: Jeb

Supreme Kai: Notch

The universe where she reside it. Her exact location is unknown for Universe 1 inhabitants.

Universe 2 - Demon's Universe

God of Destruction: Herobrine (Now, Pink Sheep)

Angel: Crystal Sheep

Supreme Kai: Purple Shep

A universe filled with lava and many monsters, Zenjo'oh erased Herobrine for the crime of foreign destruction by attempting to assassinate Notch.

Universe 3 - The Dark Universe

God of Destruction: Ender Dragon

Angel: Captain Enderman

Supreme Kai: Agent Pig

Universe 2 and 3 can only access from Universe 1. To access Universe 2 from 1 vice versa, you need an obsidian portal, to access Universe 3, you need an ender portal which can be found to the deepest point of a stronghold.


Zenjo'oh Profile

Her profile pic since September 22, 2017

Her Youtube account has been opened since September 22, 2017 and currently has no videos.

Iconic voice

According to Akihiro Akagi, she is planned to make her talk using the Ivy voice.


Zenjo'oh skin

Official Skin

Zenjo'oh plays Minecraft Pocket Edition from Beta 1.2 Build 12 or also known as / 1.2.3


Kagami Sama (かがみ様 Kagami Sama) - She is the Grand Priest of Multiverse 6 and she is basically drawn from Kagami Hiiragi from Lucky Stars.

Zenjo'oh's attendants (全女王の付き人 Zenjo'ô no tsukibito) - Same looking guards as Zeno's. They act as bodyguards and seriously protecting Zenjo'oh.

Angels (天使 Tenshi) - Jeb, Crystal Sheep and Captain Enderman.

God of Destructions (破壊神 Hakaishin) - ExplodingTNT, Pink Sheep and Ender Dragon.

Supreme Kais (界王神 Kaiôshin) - Notch, Purple Shep and Agent Pig.